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We are now closed and have ceased trading.
Thank you to all our customers who have supported us for the last 18 years.

20th December 2013

LGB Allegra Sets Now in Stock

RhB Class ABe 8/12 “Allegra” Powered Rail Car Train



Product Information

RhB (Rhaetian Railroad) class ABe 8/12 3-part electric powered rail car train. The first of 15 units ordered so far and developed for the RhB by Stadler Rail was delivered in October 2009. The continuous power output of this powered rail car is almost as high as the class Ge 4/4 III, the most powerful RhB locomotive. The unit with raod number 3502 set a speed record for meter gauge railroading in December of 2010 in the Vereina Tunnel with a speed of 145kmh / 91mph. This train will be the premier powered railcar on the RhB for the future. It runs on the famous Bernina line or on the Arosa line among other routes. It’s a normal sight to see a larger number of freight or passenger cars coupled to it. The LGB model of the “Allegra” is completely new tooling. Both powered end cars have Buhler motors for more pulling power. Additional cars can be coupled to it just like the prototype. The model hasa correct arrangement of LED headlightsthat change over with the direction of travel. The doors can be opened. The model has a DCC connector, two general-purpose electric sockets, traction tyres, sprung buffers, snow plows, and a multi-position selector switch for the mode of operation. All cars have metal wheels and are close coupled. The model has many separately applied details such as rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, antennas, brake hoses, etc. The model has reproductions of the engineer’s cab areas and interior details; both cabs are lighted. It also has a prototypical paint scheme and lettering.
Length over the buffers approximately 206cm / 81-1/8″

Product Code: 20220



12th January 2010

Thomas Flyer

22nd December 2009


NG15 -1











Accucraft have just released pictures of the painted prototype of the live steam NG15 due for production in 2010. There is no price or release date for this loco yet but we are taking provisional orders.

4th August 2009
Roundhouse have announced their intention to build a limited edition batch of ‘Jack’. Delivery is planned for January 2010 if sufficient interest is shown. Please let us know if you would like to order one of these models.

14th July 2009
We are now stocking Garden Rail magazine in our shop. The August issue has just arrived.

26th June 2009
Some LGB track is in short supply so we are increasing our stocks of Piko track which is similar. See the Piko Track section in our shop for availability.

22nd June 2009
Isle of Man ‘Pairs’ Coaches













These are some photos of the Accucraft Pre-production samples of the new
‘Pairs’ coaches. At present we only have a guide price of around £160 per
coach each, but the final price will only be able to be set when they come
into the UK, because of exchange rate fluctuations.

There are three types – Brake/Composite, Composite, and all Third Class.
There is one pair of transfer numbers for the Brake/Compo supplied, that
is F54. The other two coach types both have transfer sheets with at lest
six different running numbers.

We are not taking orders at present but hope to do so in a few weeks.

These coaches will be going to Garden Rail magazine for a review, shortly.

Length over coupling faces: 585mm
Width over foot boards: 132mm
Height: 140mm

All these are approximate.

As to minimum radius, Ian Pearse has hand propelled them round R1 or 2 feet curves, but as to
actual running he is going to say that 3 feet is the minimum.

16th June 2009W&L Coaches
The long awaited Accucraft W&L Coach and Composite are arriving into stock on friday 19th June.


4th June 2009W&L ‘Countess’
Accucraft are announcing their intention to develop an electric powered ‘Countess’, in brass construction. No details of specification, dates, or price have been set as yet. A sample will be made and put out for review. However the batch will only go ahead if we get in excess of 50 units ordered. This will be a Limited Edition, limited run model. The RRP looks as if it will be in the region of £995.00. Please let us know if you are interested.


Isle of Man 2-4-0 ‘Mannin’
Accucraft are announcing their intention to develop a model of this locomotive in both live steam and electric. This locomotive was the last of the 2-4-0 Beyer Peacocks to be supplied to the railway, and being slightly larger and having a more conventional cab, it lends itself to a live steam version. No dates, specifications, or prices have been set as yet. This will be a Limited Edition, limited run model. Samples will be made and put out for review. However the batch will only go ahead if we get in excess of 50 units ordered, for each version. We hope to have samples for the Llanfair Steam gala. We expect the live steam model to be around £1150.00 and the electric model to be around £795.00. Please let us know if you are interested.

Isle of Man ‘Caledonia’ Live Steam.
Accucraft are announcing their intention to develop a live steam version of this model. Having done the electric powered version of this locomotive, they have looked into the feasibility of a live steam version. The cylinder and valve design that they intend to use on ‘Mannin’ will also suit ‘Caledonia’, so they have decided to add a live steam version to their range. No dates, prices or specifications have yet been decided. This will be a Limited Edition, limited run model. Samples will be made and put out for review. However the batch will only go ahead if we get in excess of 50 units ordered. We hope to have a sample model in early November for the Warley show at the NEC. We do not have any firm prices as yet for this project.

This model is still at the design stages. No prices or production schedules have been produced. This model will be a 2010 model. We may have a sample for the Llanfair Steam Gala. We expect the price to be around £3500.00. There will be a maximum of 150 units produced, worldwide. Please let us know if you are interested.

These have gone to tooling. Accucraft have had test samples, and hope to have pre-production samples for the Llanfair Steam Gala. They will be doing three versions – F54 which is a Brake/Composite coach, a standard all 3rd class coach, and a Composite coach. All coaches will be supplied un-numbered but with a relevant transfer sheet with the correct running numbers for that type of coach. The 1st class compartments will have the number ‘1’ on the doors and F54 will have the word ‘GUARD’ on the relevant compartment. Apart from F54 we think there are at least six different running numbers for each type. The coaches should have an RRP of about £165.00 per coach, but this is only a guide price and is subject to currency fluctuations.

21st April 2009
Bachmann announce 2 new sets. The Prospector which includes a Davenport diesel and 4 side dump trucks and Lumberjack which includes a Davenport diesel, 2 skeleton log cars and a caboose. Watch the website for pricing and delivery information.

21st April 2009
Bachmann announce a range of G Scale Thomas the Tank Engine. There will be a Thomas with Annie and Clarabel set, a Percy and the Troublesome Trucks set and the individual items from each set. Watch the website for delivery and pricing information.

20th April 2009
LGB announce cancellation of most new items for 2009. See the LGB price list for details.